The tough guy sez

Well it’s 2013. Hope y’all rocked out. The tough guy worked thru all the craziness so you could eat more food.
This blogsite will be about the insanity of living day to day, paycheck to paycheck. The things that make us go hmmm, or WTF?. And the toughness of the human spirit. Today? I’ve heard my furnace fan humming and groaning for 3 days now. It turns freely enough, so I have decided to replace the transformer and capacitor first. There goes a hundred, but cheaper than calling an HVAC man. Thats 3 hundred just to show up. (The only bad part of living in the boonies.) I have had some good luck diagnosing repairs this last year. Fixed printers, dryers, and refrigerators quickly and easily. Still the metrologist after 22 years. In between the night job, day trading, and odd jobbing, I still find time for my college jr. son and p/t gf. When things get stressful is when the tough guy is at his best. Thats a whole ‘nother blog. The tough guy sez “When in doubt, get busy! Working hands make working minds.” Gotta get those parts. Carpe diem!


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