Awesome sunrise. Wanna be a tough guy? Get up before the sun every day is a start. If you don’t work nights, this takes dicipline. Lucky me.
Being tough isn’t about taking a punch. Nor is it about physical punishment. Well, maybe a little.
Being tough is all in the mind. The will to live, succeed, to take care of life and all of it’s inherent problems. Doing it daily, until the situation changes, therefore creating a new routine and continuing to tough it out. That, my friends, takes dicipline. The will to persevere. Toughness.
I raised my child pretty much by myself from age 11 to 15. And even before that. Daytime dad, school parent, scoutmaster (stay tuned for that blog), and nighttime worker. Yea, I am a guy that brings home the bacon, and cooks it up in a pan. Pretty tough, eh?
The point of this being that without dicipline, I could not have survived that little curve life threw at me. 3-4 hrs sleep a day for well over 20 years. That takes dicipline. Especially when you do not get paid for the first day of sick time!
Dicipline has taught me to always doublecheck. And to not back down when I know I am right. Dicipline has taught me to keep my emotions in check. The lack thereof is everyman’s downfall. Including mine. But mainly, dicipline taugh me how to take care of everything around me. I thank many people for instilling my core values. Today, I thank my dad, RIP. Without the “creative “punishments doled out by an Air Force major, I would have not survived my 20’s. The dicipline he taught me has saved my life many times. And the lives of a few others as well.
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