The Tough Guy’s furnace has been on the fritz for 3 days now. The main blower wants to turn at 1/4 rpm. Not even close to the power of one breath. Sooo, troubleshooting 101. Then repair 101. Problem: not enough power. Symptoms: transformer noises when fan tries to start. Possible solutions: replace the 3 parts to the assembly. They are a transformer,capacitor,and motor. The fan freewheels ok. The capacitor is the chespest part. $10. Can’t be that easy. After all, nothing is easy for the tough guy. Next cheapest is the transformer. $35. Seeing as it is the part making the noise, better check it for sure. The motor is the expensive part. $120-$300. This is a $200 motor as it turns out. Guess which part failed? Yup, the expensive one. Trying to find this motor in Denver aint easy. The local York dealer closed. Hello internet! 3-5 day shipping. Storm front in tomorrow. Expect 0* for the weekend. Guess the fireplace is on for a few more days. For all you DIY guys, some fixes take time. And that sucks if you need it quick. Add to that, yesterday the net out here couldn’t even get 3g. Everything out here was running at 1995 speeds. Thats’s 1995 BC. The Tough Guy spits out his first promo today. But only cause he likes this company. QApplianceZone.com has a HUGE selection of parts at very low prices. Easy to use, easy to order. And customer service is good. So it looks like The Tough Guy will tough it out for a few more days. At least the fireplace is cranking. 82*in the family room, 75 in the master bedroom. The Tough Guys gotta go dirty his hands again. I’ll be back after they get washed. …


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