Toughing it out

So it’s 15* out and The Tough Guy is waiting for the new furnace motor to arrive in a couple of days. Meanwhile it dropped to 58* in the house last night. Not too bad. Slept like a rock for 5 hours. If nothing else, old school does have advantages. Like heated waterbeds! Wondering if its really worth saving $500 when its so cold out. The Tough Guy still thinks so. Toughing it out mentally, there’s a good one. Conquering an addiction is tough, but conquering depression, especially when you have an aversion to pills ( because of ex addictions), is truly a bitch. For me, depression is a mindset. A way of not dealing with reality, and ignoring the present. I’ve shaken up the world around me a few times in the last 18 months. Trying to get involved and get interested in life. Met some really nice and interesting folks. But aside from making the motor spin a couple of times, the motor needs a good kick in the ass start to keep running. The new (in her words) pt gf is helping. Kindred souls and all. But need to find something else. Motivation is the key. Mine’s locked in the car! Tough!


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