Hiding From the Truth is Tough

Truth. Hell of a topic. Especially so early in a blog. There seems to be more than one kind of truth in today’s world.
There is your truth. My truth. Their truth. And then there is “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” And “the gospel truth”. Really. I swear to Allah. How about the “hidden truth” and “scientific” truth. And the “real”truth of the matter. Are all these truths the same? Oh, hell no! They always are a little different from each other, and sometimes vastly different. Charly bit my arm is now Charly took a hunk of flesh out of me is now zombie apocalypse. And the real truth of the matter rarely is truthful, or real. Is everybody lying or what? We all, for the most part, are truthful. But eventually everybody hides a secret. And lies. That’s just being real. Telling a lie is harder than telling the truth. It’s not tough getting caught in a truth. And what of the consequences of each act? Reward and punishment? Money, sex? Admonition and banishment? In real life it’s easy to lie to get ahead. It’s easy to be truthful and get ahead too. It’s tough to be “diplomatic” and truthful without telling too much truth. To master it is an artform in itself. Six sigma tongue. Tae Kwon Teeth.
Always remember, shut the hell up and think first. Maybe you wont have to say a thing. And for a lot of people that would be a refreshing change. Is that so tough?


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