Tough Memories

As The Tough Guy watches some of his friends mourning, he observes how they all go through the 5 stages of grief. Denial, anger,bargaining,depression, and acceptance. He has been through this too many times already. Sometimes, getting through the anger requires not that you get over the anger, although that is best, but that you are able to control and bury the anger deep enough that it won’t destroy you. A useable alternative to destructive behavoir. The problem is that something eventually drags everything up and controlling it is tough. So today is a day I bring up Mr. Edward Weatherbee. The son of a bitch that stabbed my close friend, Jeff Botts, over 70 times, to death. He then cut off Jeff’s head, hands, and feet. He packed the parts in a garbage bag and threw them in a septic tank up in the mountains. He tossed the body off the side of the road. He was caught. And convicted over 20 years ago. Haven’t checked on his status in 10 years. Am doing that right now. His excuse was delayed stress. 20 years after the fact. Fact was he was broke, could not pay rent, and was getting evicted. He did this a lot. Just want to make sure this piece of shit is either in jail or dead. He deserves nothing more.
It’s sadly funny what brings up the tough memories.


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