One tough furnace

Damn if the furnace didn’t quit again! At least this time is easy. A quick and easy replacement of the ignitor coil and BAM! Heat! Thought about cussing on twitter. What The Tough Guy was saying was just, how did the kid in A Christmas Story put it, “A string of blue epithets.”? Sounded just like the dad for a minute.
But The Tough Guy has no such luck. The first coil is defective. Checking to be sure we got power correctly. Yup. Time to get another coil. Better be wholesale this time. Gots ta be tougher than the counterman! Yaa hah!
Update. After hearing the coil go “pink” and break, I was sure they would say no returns on electrical parts. But Rick, at Bear Valley Appliance, was accomodating and really nice guy. Warranty on part. Free replacement!
So another 20 minutes of remove and replace. HEAT! Glory be! Gonna be a good night! Now if only $CGLD would run, it would be a great month.


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