A Tough Age

We hear a lot about the economy in the news. The Tough Guy is almost at the age where AARP can start helping him. So let’s talk about his generation.
I call us “The Bicentennial Kids”. The lost in between hippie and yuppie generations. The generation “W”. Because gen V is after WWII and gen “X” is for those born in the ’60’s- 70’s. We are the generation that didn’t get drafted, that watched the internet grow from an IBM timeshare to the World Wide Web, that got caught in the raising of the drinking age to 21 from 18, that learned from Time magazine that all you need for a night of sexual bliss is a gram of cocaine and some quaaludes, that watched our National Guard beat and kill fellow protesting students, that ran around naked in groups of thousands, just cause it’s fun, that watched the first human on the moon, that watched music evolve from record and tapes to microchips that play 20
hours of music. and now we are called “Generation Squeeze”. Because we are the providers for our kids AND parents, and we have lost the most in earnings power.
We are at the age where doctors want to run additional tests just to be sure, and insurance premiums triple overnight. And it becomes increasingly necessary to supplement food with things like multivitamins and glucosamine and prescription meds. And we cant forget about my fave, viagra. ( haven’t used it yet, but tempted).
The retirements we count on are further away now. We will be expected to work till 70. And thats just for SSI. 401K anyone? Not now. No corporate matching. They shrunk away. And a “Golden 80” retirement date. And our long owned properties and worth less now than they were 8 years ago. Kids, even college grads, living at home longer and parents living longer.
Lets start thinking about multiple revenue streams. A 5 or 6 legged table.
But thats another Tough Situation.


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