A Tough Act to follow

As The Tough Guy watches his son wrestle with the entertainment industry, mainly club owners and promoters, he realizes the more it changes, the more it’s still the same. Greedy unscrupulous people, so willing to take your money to give you 45 minutes on a stage. They expect the talent to do all the promotion while they sit back and count the cash. The kid pretty good. About 15 friends and 40-50 other people listened to his dubstep/hiphop/rap blend of music. He even got the crowd pumped a couple of times. Good job! Even though dubstep is not the audio choice of those over 40, The Tough Guy enjoys all music if done well. And it was done superbly, with only one noticeable miss. If you like dubstep, even if you don’t, check out the stylings of DJRen. Coming to a club near you.



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