The Snow Aint So Tough

So The Tough Guy is kicking back for the rest of the day. It’s snowing hard outside, the weather app says 26* and two minutes after shoveling the sidewalks are white again! As much as being a good neighbor to the cute single woman next door and shoveling her walk as well, this is nuts! So it’s after 5 pm in London. Spiked coffee does wonders for the attitude. And it’s not even 10 yet! Time for a Colo. legal attitude adjustment. When you don’t have to give a shit till 10 pm then you start early. A 2 am wake up doesn’t make it any better either. The Tough Guy has been living with 4 hours sleep average per day for about half his life now. You actually get used to it and wake after 4 hours automatically. The only part that sucks is when you want more than 4 hours and can’t get it. Meanwhile, this single quintogenarian needs to get buzzed enough to make housework fun. Yee haw, baby. Here we go! Not So Tough!


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