Not too Tough of a Week

Well, despite the crappy weather most of the week it wasn’t too bad. Still overloaded at work 3 nights a week, but getting out on time mostly. That gives a half hour to set up for trading when The Tough Guy gets home. Props to the twitter traders this week. Smart calls for the most part. Hope next week is as good. Gotta make some vacation money. This weeks lowlites include shoveling snow 3x in a day, removing the broken toenail, and a dating diss. The highlites include no mortgage this month, noticing another inch is missing from the waist, and a couple of ladyfriends wanting more. It was a good Feb. My valentine is a sweetie.
The OA hhas been acting up a little, but that’s what happens when one falls asleep on their hands. Lol. Gotta start the morning constitutionals again. Makes sleeping a little easier. And makes getting that last couple of inches off the waist that much easier. Getting to the high school weight of 178# is damn near impossible. Especially when you’re old and your metabolism is slower. Been at 182 once before. Zoomed right back to 190 in a month. Hit 182 for the first time in 2 years this week. And both belts are one more notch in, comfortably and actually loose. Shit, gonna need new pants now. Maybe the really old jeans will fit now! Thanks, Abtronics. Electroshock stimulation does work. Lmao. Latest home project is 2 more old big screen TV’s. get em operational and give em to charity. Probably the SA. At least Its tax deductible still. If you haven’t noticed, all the deductions for the rich are still there, people. Do you really think the party of the 1% would screw themselves over before they screw over the middle class and poor? Take advantage of every break you can get. Use them to your advantage as well. All of The Tough Guys dividends are taxed at 15%. Thats less than payroll tax, friends. Be smart this tax season.
So The Tough Guy has been thinking about what to do on vacation in a week. Ice climbing in Boulder Canyon? Snowshoeing in Rocky Mtn. Natl. park?
Snowmobiling in Winter Park? Or maybe a day of skiing Maryjane! Maybe spend a few days in bed with the wrong person. Any of those are usually memorable. Tough Decisions….


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