Tough Snowstorm?

So The Tough Guy is sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, in the middle of this “raging” blizzard. OMFG! Theres gonna be a foot of snow! Just waiting for the last 2 tires to be put on the old Honda CR-V. That is a tough SUV. Just right for a Tough Guy. Didn’t want a pickup truck. This thing goes anywhere and hasn’t been stopped yet. 8 states of trails and never been winched. I love how the weatherpeople constantly get the weather wrong. Looking like this blizzard of extremely wet and heavy snow will end up at 4″ and only wet or icy roads. There’s a great video about the guy panicking when it starts snowing. “Gotta get the milk and bread!” He also got pizza, frozen wings, ice cream, and Hungry Man dinners! Glad the food order at work was heavy for the weekend. And now couldnt care less. VACATION!!! The Tough Guy is taking a week off of night shift work. Still may daytrade. Probably will write a couple times. Just wants to spend quality time with another caring soul. (Awww, he’s just a big teddy bear.) Yes he is, with people who calm his soul. Mainly women and kids. This week is for the women. Spending time finding the mellow side is a good thing. Probably will find that tonight going to Co. Spgs. in the blizzard. Ain’t no thing! Shiiiittt! Got new tires. And they are Tough too!


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