Back to The Tough Job

It was sooo very nice for The Tough Guy to take a week off of work. Guess he lost a bitch of a friend last week as well. No real loss. She wasn’t compatible and her RA made her too sedentary for his liking. People need to keep going even when they reach 55. Physical exercise is MANDATORY at this age. Even just walking gets the heartrate up. With 15 lbs gone and another 7 to make high school weight, the only way to get there is with EXERCISE!! Now, The Tough Guy will probably never be “ripped” again. But no floppy handlebars below the ribs is nice. Even the old,old,old jeans fit now. At least 3″ gone from the waist. The total weight lost over the last year is about 25 lbs. Most of this is attributable to the tough job. Breaking down 5-8 pallets of frozen foods, and then stocking anywhere from 250-350 cases of food. Other, “managerial aspects ” of the job are not strenous. So for 6-71/2 hours, in the middle of the night, an anerobic is the norm. The Tough Guy consistently does things other people cant,or wont do. And enjoys the reaction from them. So here’s to the hard, physical, laborers who enjoy keeping their bodies in shape. They are a rare breed. And so misunderstood. That’s kinda why this blog exists. We all do some other type of work in the daylight hours. The Tough Guys predilection is day trading. And odd jobbing when he can. But playtime is for nature. Anywhere in the Rocky Mountains is home to him. As comfortable in a lean-to made from Pine boughs as he is in a 3 room tent with air mattress. And now this blog finds him on his ass. Not good. Gotta go sell some stocks…..


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