A Pretty Tough Car

The Tough Guy has a Tough Son. The Tough Son has a Tough Car. This is actually heaping praise on the American built Honda Accord. Circa 2002. Union made, brother!
The history of the car is that it stayed in Ohio until 2011. The previous owner died and Son bought it. Since then it has been used and worn, shattered, abused, neglected, and assaulted. His first car. We all remember our first car. Lol The 9 years of Ohio has really rusted out some parts. Skid plating, brackets, and steering parts are the usual victims of rust. But a pretty sharp looking car.
The oopsies that are known are driving thru a pothole and breaking a strut, being parked and having another car back up so hard it moves 3 feet backwards into a pole, and sliding down an icy hill into another car.
The current, immediate needs of this car are many. It’s already had 2 timing belts, front body parts, and the usual, if irregular services. Body parts need to be clipped together better. That’s the easy fix. And not too immediate. But the front tires are totally worn on the insides. That means tires and alignment, and new front brakes. Must have new front brakes!!!
Here’s the rub of it all. The why to singing the praises of Honda Motor Co. of America. As fucked up as this car currently is, it still drives like a dream. Amazingly enough, it steers straight, and although noisy, brakes straight as well. The engine is still strong, and the body is holding up quite well. Oh, and the stereo still kicks ass. No blown speakers! This car is well built. Really well built. Just gotta say it. There are a lot of really well built Hondas still on the road. There are a couple of ’60’s SC-800’s on the road. Very bad ass little coupes. Now If only the Tough Son will wise up, he will sell the Tough Car before it needs the next round of TLC. Let’s give it 30,000 miles, maximum.


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