It’s a Tough Easter Season

This Easter season The Tough Guy has noticed a kind of disturbing trend. There are a lot more people celebrating Easter without the religious overtones. Same for Passover. The thought that this is due to the economy or just a weird trend has occurred. But in reality is seems more people are kind of giving up on practicing their religion, even though they believe in a god. Maybe it’s the disillusion of a non existent apocalypse. Maybe it’s price of food, or gas, or the cold hard facts of economic reality, and possibly a feeling that God has given up on humankind is making for more Easter parties and less Easter dinners. A party for kids to find chocolate eggs and bouncing off the walls from a sugar/chocolate buzz seems to be the plan around these parts. The adults get to drink and socialize. There has been a definite lack of talk about chuch services this year.
Now The Tough Guy is raised as a Roman Catholic. ( no I was not reared catholic!) lol The occasional mass is good for his soul, as well as his attitude. His experience in the church is is a positive and uplifting part of his life. Never had any priests doing bad,bad things. Rather, the WWII vets who made up the clergy back then all had pretty tough points of view. They were all classy, gentle, men. (Although the Irish priest always was impressive with his ability to chug a chalice.) Charles had his left leg blown off in France. Paul had a bad eye. Jerry, the Irishman, liked his wine too much. Point being here, is that people are too concerned with the basics of life, (just trying to survive), that drives a lot of folks into s sedentary saving mode. Safer to stay home and save money because everything is getting more expensive. Hey! Rich people, are you getting this.? The poor cannot afford to go to church in their minds. The church is hurting too. But not the vatican. Do we see a pattern here? When people stop seeking religion and a “higher power” what happens to society. Agnosticism reigns and religious leaders are scorned and mocked. Sound familiar? It should. Look around at the world. The less than 5% of the world population that is well off is still playing like nothing has happened and are grabbing all the gusto (money) they can. Governments have made it easy for the wealthy to stay that way, and harder for the poor to climb out of poverty. For those inbeteeen those two places, life is definitely tougher.
So this Easter, The Tough Guy asks his few readers to do something positive to celebrate the holiday in a couple of days. Help someone, give something if you can, be of positive attitude and cheer. Talk to someone. Be a motivator for good. Be more, sorry if this offends, Christlike. Nothing wrong with being like Jesus. Except for the crucifixion. Don’t go there, ok kids? Otherwise it makes for a very Tough Ending……



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