It’s Not Tough to Have Fun

So The Tough Guy hears this comment from a girl in her 20’s. She says we gotta have fun while we are still young. Who came up with the notion that fun is age dependent? Your parents? Guess that’s a good possibility. But the notion is so wrong. Yea, the early 20’s were good for The Tough Guy. All fun, all the time. So was the 30’s. always had that song going inside the head. “Sex and drugs and rock n roll…..thats all I really need”. Then the fun changed. Actually was a lot of work, but the vacations were great. That change in fun is because of babies. The fun is toned down for 5 or 6 years. Then you get to act like a great big kid for 10 or so years. Then the real fun starts.
These kids got it right. Have fun while you can. Just remember that fun does not have to stop for anything. Fun is an attitude. Just because you get older or have kids does not mean no fun. There is a lot of joy, and fun in raising a child.(says the former daytime daddy). Silly times, and bonding times. Definitely fun times. But empty nest time? Here’s to more fun and adventure in the “declining” years. LMFAO……


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