The Toughest Marathon


The Tough Guy Sez! Yea, not so tough when a little kid dies from scheapnel piercing his body. In Boston! Watching dad finish the marathon. Pissed off? You betcha! Do not put me in a room with the fucktard that bombed the Boston Marathon. It would redefine grisly murders. And don’t forget the rest of the family. And the other desd and injured.
And to the runners who were not allowed to finish. And a huge shout out to the, as Mr. Rodgers called them, “helpers”. You know, I have always felt ol Fred was the original Pee-Wee. Just too smart to be caught. Eddie Murphy got it right.
So The Tough Guy’s been hearing all sorts of speculation on whodunnit. Good friends whose opinions I value and savor vary on the who. The list is huge. Let’s start with some simple basic facts. Two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Mass., on Monday, April 15, 2013, at about 2:50PM EST., 5 hours 50 minutes into the race. Missing the premier runners but getting the citizen runners. And spectators mostly. The bombs were 50-100meters apart and detonated within seconds of each other. The news reports the “authorities” have a face but not a name. And no, that was not a brown Gucci bag the bomb was in. We hope. The list of hate and whatever groups with a bitch starts at home and goes international. A popular theory theory is N. Korea. Is Lil Kim really that stupid? Maybe? He’s up there on my list. And the pick from waaaay out in left field is Kim.Dot.Com cause he hates the IRS. Or how about Posse Comitatus? It is Tax day. What does 2:50 mean? Is it significant? In the tax code section 250 deals with donations unique to businesses. Hmmmm… Nobody is claiming responibility yet. Maybe it pirates. Getting back at us for invading their seas. Cubans? Argeninans getting payback for the CIA poisioning El Presidente Hugo? Iranians because we caused the earthquake two days ago? Or is it good old Al. Al queda. I
We get all paranoid about guns, so they bring bombs. Next is poison. Did you notice some people were collecting air samples. The results came back clean. Shit has not, I repeat, has not escalated. This is SNAFU It happens every single damn day in this world. Not just occasionally and only in the US.
We shouldn’t even delve into another subject of why. Too many nutjobs and far too many stories.
This is another in a long succession of tragedies. Not making light of it. Just reminding all of us to wait for the facts. Then kill the fucker.


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