Boston is A Tough Town


Are all terrorists really that stupid? They don’t watch old 24 reruns? No exit plan? WTF? The Tough Guy almost believes these guys worked alone. No self-respecting (lol) terrorist would recruit these fucktards! Then we could almost feel sorry for them because they’re so damn stupid. NOT!!
The remaining bomber, let’s call him the Joker. This Joker is pretty tough. Shot 4 times, once in the neck. Too bad we didn’t kill him. Save a lot of money. They killed the wrong asshole! Big bro was the one who went to Chechnya. So pump the fucker up with datura, (organic scopalomine, aka truth serum) ask him all you want, then give that little boy who was blown up’s dad a private interrogation session or two, then bury that shit. My condolences to his parents.
We all have seen the footage of this tragedy numerous times by now. Why do they always target innocents anymore? These cowards think Allah will reward them for killing kids? Guess it’s still 72 virgins, born with HIV.
But gotta hand it to Boston’s finest and the literally 1000’s of other LEO’s there. You got your man. Job done! Lil Kim Jong Un got it right. DON’T FUCK WITH BOSTON. Boston alone could kick N. Korea’s ass. Both cheeks! We got enough nukes in Boston to level Lil Kimville.
And the citizens and visitors to Boston that day. Thank you for showing the world how human beings should react during a crisis. Hero after hero in those first few minutes. Never been to Boston. Better put it on the list.

Somebody, just drop this fucker. Soon.


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