The Tough Thuglife

According to today’s USA Today commercial, retail sectors accounted for 9% of all recent hirings. Wanna know why retail and wholesale services takes only about 10% of the newly employed? Because us union thugs know, even though our raises (1.39% and shrinking) suck, we still EARN and pay for, the benefits we negotiated for. We know where our bread and butter comes from. We can respect that. And at the moment, it’s worth sticking around for. Most of us feel this way. It doesn’t matter if you are Safeway, Kroger, IGA, Sysco, or Giambrocco’s.
You see, contrary to The Rich Guys, the Tough Guy’s got great benefits. Pension (not even colse to a rich guy’s buy hey), insurance, great insurance, a month of vacation, and almost a guarantee of planning a vacation when I want as long as one plans way ahead. It’s also very difficult to get terminated. Believe it! Firsthand knowledge here. And +$40K per year. Barely enough to get comfortable on, but workable. Even us thugs gotta live. And the best part. Knowing when to pick the discounts. Eat like a king for less than $50 a week. The only catches, you must cook, and it’s best if you use the fresh products right away. The best roast for less than $4 a pound. When you are there 5 days a week you become a savvy shopper. You also learn some things are always bought fresh. Lol ouch!
So what do we broke ass thugs do for fun? Most of us work a second job. Lots of mechanical service providers, other retail work, daytrading, driving, health and beauty services, real estate, and more. That leaves little time for fun so it better be awesome. Now compared to our “on strike” thug selves where fun is at work 24/7 in the form of mischief and mayhem, ( we swore a secret oath of nondisclosure, sorry), we thugs are artists, musicians, athletes, aspiring scholars, (love hearing about new developments in science and technology), and writers. We, in Colorado, tend to be a pretty outdoosy people. Hiking and boating and camping. Cheap, fun, beautiful scenery, fresh air, and if you do it right, ultimate privacy if that’s what you seek. Lots of music to be played, bands to form and break up, pints to drink, pipes to smoke, and food to eat. Good times. And when the occasion call for, it’s black tie and jeans time. Yee haw! Gotcha. We do have class and manners. We just prefer to be real about who we are. There is lots more to come kids. This old farts eyes are tired. It’s a Tough Thug Life…



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