El Duro Hombre

Well, it’s almost May 5th. Time for mariachis and cervesa. And churros and mas Duro Hombres. Mix too much cervesa and you get Estupido Duro Hombres! Believe me, mi amigos, El Duro Hombre sees this every cinco. Nice peaceful guys get drunker than a perro, and confusion turns to anger.
This really is not the country for celebrating Mexican independence. That would be Mexico. But in El Duro’s hood, mexican beer is as good as irish stout. St. Patty’s day and Cinco are pretty much equal to the tough guy. It’s like Orthodox Christmas. Different day, different party. Party on, Garth! Excellent!
Just want to remind all those loco partiers, cinco does NOT mean you have to drink 5. But if you do, it’s understandable. Just use your cabesas and stay out of trouble. Leave the idioto chingado gringos alone and party like it’s 1999. OK, 2013! And if we ask to party with you, then use the opportunity to educate and make friends. The racist bullshit, from both directions, has to stop. Let’s rise up on May 5 and party together! Odele!!


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