English! Tough Language

So Colorado is about a 50/50 hispanic state. There are literally millions of Mexicans, not PR, Brazilian, or Dominican, living here, assimilating OUR culture, sometimes taking jobs from citizens because they will do the same job for less money. And therein lies the rub. Don’t get The Tough Guy wrong here. He is pro immigration, the whole give us your poor, huddled masses thing is good. But sometimes, our culture of gimme gimme and privilege is infecting and causes those masses to think they are somehow privileged as well. There are very few “privileged” people. The fewer the better IMHO.
The latest example comes from Denver. A hispanic woman, or is it man, is suing the City of Denver because a warning sign was not printed in spanish and the idioto(a) got hurt. One of those “ohh, I’m stupid” moments, made even dumber by a lawsuit.
Now for the rant. You are in America, bitch. Learn the national language or shut the hell up! If you are going to work for our government, and unless you are a naturalized citizen you should not be allowed to do so, then learn to read, not just speak OUR language. That is, english. Not spanish, portugese, or esperanto. English! No comprendo? Go home! How dare anyone come into The Tough Guy’s home and tell him to make it different. If you come to The Tough Guy’s house, expect The Tough Guy’s rules. Sames thing goes for The Tough Guy’s country. Part of any job requirement is filling out an application, in english. If you can do that, then it is assumed you can read and understand english. Therefore, if you did not understand a simple warning sign, printed in english, DO NOT SUE YOUR BOSS! Go kick your your own ass. You stupid, lazy, looking for any way to retire without putting in the work, fucktard! Note to Denver. You get what you pay for. In this case, you are paying for your own laziness by hiring the cheapest applicant and therefore do a big disservice to the taxpayers by hiring an obviously unqualified, but smart person. This makes both sides look bad but suing because you can’t read a sign printed in english is just plain bullshit.
If you want to live in America, then become an American. Not a Mexi-American, not a Scandi-American, not a Black American. Just American. Embrace our ways. Don’t change them. Reconquista this, perro! If you want to live here, learn our language, our culture, our customs and habits. Be American. Be proud of it. Don’t be a whiny pendejo and sue because you didn’t understand our language. No bueno!! If The Tough Guy can understand your language in his country, then you better know his language in his country. Is that too tough to do? Not if you are an American!
That is all.


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