Tough Tax Codes

The Tough Guy is sick and tired of these whiny, stupid, right wing namby pamby idiots! Waaaa!! I wanna be a tax free organization. But I don’t want the IRS to scrutinize my application. So even if they threatened to look at the disclosure sheets then I can cry foul, you are targeting me. Stop it! Really, just stop it! This is so unfair. Why do I have to give full disclosure? We are a charity. We give money to wealthy politicians to promote my way of thinking. After all, if you don’t think like, or have matching political views of then you cannot have MY money.
For decades now, the IRS has fairly, and sometimes very unfairly targeted one group or another to deny tax status to a new group. I think political groups of all flavors should never be allowed tax free status. Why? Because they take in millions of dollars and give to reelection campaigns. There ALWAYS is a ROI here. The return being political favors granted. Favors like filibustering a bill that adds (necessary evil) more taxes to a middle income business.
You see, taxes are a necessary evil. Without them there are no public buildings being built, no improved roads, etc. get it? But these whiny asshats in congress are pissing this citizen off in a big way. What a bunch of political bullshit. The republican party’s motto is to vote against everything the POTUS supports as much as possible. To do as little as possible for as long as possible. And to obsfuscate ( to make unclear or fuzzy) the issues as much as possible so the constituate has no clue as to what congress does. Which in reality is nothing. The Tough Guy would like nothing better than to look at the balance sheets of these groups as well. But we all know that will not happen. But to say you are targeted because of party affiliation is just more whine.
Speaking of obfuscating the news, it seems notes and emails have been altered, by the republicans. W.T.F.!!!
Once again it’s the magic you don’t see that gets you. Follow the damn money, people. This situation has been this way for 50+ years. Newbies have always been scrutinized when they want tax free status. NOTHING IS TRULY FREE, KIDS. All the teabagpublicans can kiss The Tough Guy’s ass. Look at the history of the IRS. They have been, and always will be, power hungry douchenozzles, not caring who they hurt as long as they get their cut. If you don ‘t believe that, then don’t pay taxes next year and see what happens. The fine grows guickly. And it doesn’t care about party affiliation. I am truly hoping that all these new taxfree groups get caught breaking the law. Then the 97% can say “see, we told you so!”


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