Tough Tornados

It is a truly sad day when 20 children are killed by a tornado while at school. A 1-2 mile wide swath of destruction, about 20 or more miles long, from an EF-4 tornado is a major disaster, in any state. This is Oklahoma, folks. Where being corn fed isn’t a big thing,( thats Nubruska, (intentionally mispelled)). But being oil rich is commonplace. Theres a lot of “on site” families here. Those are families where one of the spouses is away from home for anywhere from 5 days to 3 months at a time. I really feel for the roughnecks and ground analysis crews. There is no way to communicate with their families. All the cell towers are down.
Hoping that there are many more survivors. Hoping for more unsung heros. My favorite kind of tough guy. These heros distain limelights, rather they are the “just doing my job” or ” just did what seemed right” guys. The do good in silence guys. This is a big part of The Tough Guy’s creed. “Do good things whenever possible, do them because you can. Without expectations, without compensation, without acknowledgement. Do it, and then dissappear. Like a shadow in the night. Ever have that happen to you? To be rescued in some way, by an unexpected stranger? Only to have him or her just disappear? The Tough Guy has been on both sides of this situation. And it IS better to be an unknown hero. It will make your day, again and again and again.
The Tough Guy hopes everyone can be an unsung hero and leave people wondering “Who was that masked man?” It’s actually easy. Start with the little acts of kindness. Give the guy fumbling for change what he needs. Or help the kid tangled up by his dog. Or drag the woman hit by the car to the side of the road and give aid and comfort. Then go. Carry on with your life and feel good about it. It’s stuff like that that cures depression. Let’s all try to remember today, to help another person in some way. Significant or not. Betcha feel really good later.



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