In Memoriam


The Tough Dad. Air Force Major. SAC, Korea, WWII, USAF. The Tough Grandpas. US Army. The Tough Uncles. USMC, PFC (Iwo Jima), and Army Captain. God rest ye well, gentlemen. And thanks for serving.
Memorial Day is a tradition in The Tough Guys house. Even as a Tough Kid, every year we would go to the cemetaries, yes 2 of them, in 2 different towns, to honor the memories of our ancestors. Not just the fallen heroes, but their wives and family too. War affects everyone. The Tough Guy stills goes to see his folks twice a year.
As the wise man once said, if we do not remember the past, we are doomed to repeat it. It seems like the crazier elements in the world are trying to rewrite the past. Why? Because they don’t like how it clashes with their values. The example being that 3rd grade test from the religious school that went viral. Are they for real? That’s a crazy example to use, but it happens.
World War I was huge at the time. Chemical weapons able to kill were used heavily in Europe. Mustard gas affected The Tough Grandpa for the rest of his life. Had the shakes so bad for the rest of his life he could not even eat with a fork at the end.
World War II shaped all of mankinds future. Even though genocide is being practiced today, see Syria, the sheer atrocities of the Nazi regime and the scale on which it was carried out was the most evil act ever carried out. We cannot let actions like this go on. It is morally wrong to do so.
Korea, stopping the spread of communism. An undeclared war. And thousands of lives lost. The result? A country divided, and yet dependent upon each other. Because of that war we got the crazy Kim Jong’s to play with. And their crazier than a crack ho at 5 in the morning.
And Vietnam. The grand mistake. The unwinnable war no matter what you do. Literally the most fucked up war of all time. There were more drugs in ‘Nam than soldiers on both sides. There weren’t many soldiers that came back from that one not into one drug or another. Pot, opium, cocaine, methedrine, benzedrine, heroine, seconal, and benedrine were the most commonly abused drugs along with alcohol. These guys opened the door wide for prescription abuse.
Then there are many smaller and shorter skirmishes, and the Gulf War. The war on terrorism. When you fight the people on their own turf, you know you’re in for a hell of a fight. And now we use technology to fight with. Hell, we are still fighting this one.
And to every soldier who lost his life due to the atrocities, The Tough Guy gives you a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for serving. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. We cannot forget the past. I hope we pass this value on to our children. Core values of life, health, respect, courtesy, and caring are necessary if we want to survive in this increasing crowded world. It’s time to learn tolerance now.


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