Tough Scouts

So the Boy Scouts of America finally got it somewhat right. Scouting is about the child, wheather the child might or might not be homosexual, is not relevant. At 7 years of age, sex is not an important issue. In fact it is a non-issue to a child.
The Tough Guy proudly served as a scoutmaster in Colorado for about 7 years. In all that time, this issue never came up. As a scoutmaster, only 2 of my “Tough Scouts” are not heterosexual. Yea, I consider all of the kids I entertained, rewarded, pushed to physical limits, helped educate, and taught social behavior to, as my kids! And my reward is seeing about 10 percent of these guys achieve the goal of Eagle Scout. I am proud of this number, 10%. The national average is about 4%. Being an Eagle Scout has it’s rewards. It opens doors from other Eagle Scouts. The Tough Guy is glad to have been able to serve and help teach these kids. It was it’s own reward.
As a scouting leader, the first concern is always the safety of the child. Unfortunately, the second concern is the safety and credibility of the leaders. We gots rules to follow. Like first aid training. And firearms traning. And general safety training. And never,ever, do we leave a boy with just one adult. Never get put in a situation where a child could say molestation, and not be able to prove it is a lie. This has happened before. As a real incident and as a revenge accusation also. The things some people (parents), do when their child’s work does not make the grade. (The things we do for love!)
Now even though scouting has a policy of not allowing openly homosexual adults, the policy of 2 adults with 1 child always is a good policy. This way works to everyone’s advantage. And is a smart move by the council. People say scouting is anti-gay. Actually, not anti anything. Rather, pro heterosexual. And pro hiking, camping, building outdoor bridges, repairing trails, and building habitat areas for wildlife. Just for starters. Scouting helps teach boys to be self sufficent, aware of their surroundings, and how to adapt and survive in any environment. Except Macy’s on a sale weekend. Scouting is about the great outdoors and how to live in and with it.
And with luck, teach them to overcome adversity and become great leaders.
(The Tough Guy is an equal opportunity bigot, meaning he hates everyone equally. And is willing to hack on everyone with equal fervor. Doesn’t matter if you are gay, black, white, Irish, stupid, or tall. I make fun of you all. Good heartedly, of course. I mean if you have one one legged hooker jokes in your repertoir, then all is fair game. Really!)
Now I know not all gay men are child molesters, just like not all older women are cougars. Sorry guys, but a few gay pedophiles fucked it up for the rest of you. This is a members only organization, we include who we want to include. And unfortunately for you, we chose not to include you. You take so personally. But it is your own fault. You proclaim your gayness in every aspect of your life. Got no problem with that. But it has no place in this organization. So no go. Sorry Charlie.
See ya at the store. Not at a troop meeting. It’s easier this way. No drama.
Go form your own group. I will even help in any way I can. I have a niece who wants to form rainbow scouts. Go for it. I have no problems with that. Just leave the Boy Scouts as the Boy Scouts. It’s done an incredible job of teaching boys how to be men. Without bringing sex into the equation.


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