Tough Festivals


Lots of festivals in Denver this weekend. The tough Guys favorite was the Chalk Art Festival at Larimer Square downtown. Amazing talent. The street drawing of Jesus was amazingly life like. The reversed drawing of Dr. Who and assorted superheroes was creative and suberbly done. The bratwurst was tasty, and the beer was ice cold, always.
The Capitol Hill Peoples Festival was a whole nother story. Not impressed at all. It was more of a street vendor fest with prices at the top end. $12 for a slice of pizza? Not with a Subway at the other end of the block. And whats with buying tickets to buy beer? At least the music was varied. Swing Bands, Mexi-rock, christian rock, hard rock, and alternative was being played. But the need to see chalk art was too compelling.
To top it all off, Denver Comicon was in full force as well. Very tempted to tell the Joker to stay out of the theaters. We are still jumpy. Lots of klingons and Dr. Whos. And a cute little Star Fleet officer who was completely lost 2 blocks from the convention center. Too much Saurian brandy I think.
Three attractions on the same weekend seems a bit too much, but in reality it was a light weekend. Summer’s gonna be a gas,gas,gas!!!


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