It’s a Tough Sequester

No so much on the sequester, but it’s effects. So the price of gold, silver and most other metals is down, a lot. Is this a good or bad thing? For most people, this doesn’t matter at all. Unless you are a small biz, the effect is nil. But oil and gas are holding at $96 and $104 for WTI and Brent crude, respectively. That is the main comoddity that affects most people. Oil and gas are the lifelines of our country. Cruising is becoming a lost art. We can’t afford it.
Gas is selling at $3.75/gal for 85 octane on the cheap end in Denver. And copper is so cheap even the bums out here don’t care to steal it lately.
Personally, the biggest effect this sequester is having on the country is on hiring. The average wage has dropped almost $2/ hour. Still at the 7.6% unemployment, (15% if you count everybody who has given up also). Employers are hesitant to hire fearing the new healthcare laws will bankrupt them or piss off their congressmen so much the pork dries up. Got news for the employers. It’s only gonna get worse. Might as well hire now. So think about this, employers. Especially the miners, oil guys, and infrastructure guys. Commodities are cheap right now. Sadly, employees are too. Now is the time. The smart, non politically motivated companies are hiring. All those fortune 500 CEO’s are missing the boat because they fear and loathe the first black president. They follow the republican congressmens lead and do nothing, making our country feebler than Russia. All the quibbling and backbiting in congress spilled over into the business sector and all it has accomplished is a royal screwing of OUR country. Fucked by the wealthy, again. But the 97% is going to have the last laugh in the next election. Thats why businesses should hire now.
But what is hurting mainstream America now is that healthcare costs have risen. Let’s use The Tough Guys insurance as an example. The copay has gone from $20/ visit, to $30. Medicine costs have risen as well. A 30 puff inhaler for COPD has risen to $9.40 from $5 in 2 months. As has almost all other meds. 80% coverage is now 75% coverage. And vision and dental? Try to find a good pair of glasses for under $100. Not easy, and you settle with what you need, not want.
After all these years of living on a budget, and being frugal to payoff debt, this increase will cost me about a week of dinners per month. Glad my $.25/hr yearly raise is due in a week. For all you anti-union employers, that is a collectively bargained raise. Try being that cheap one on one. You would be laughed at. At least it is consistent. And yes, that is a reference to Wal-Mart. And that is what is Tough, to this Guy.


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