How Gun Control?

The Tough Guy has friends on both sides of gun control, and privacy rights.
It seems necessary to clarify these issues as a lot of crap flies from both sides. The Tough Guy double dog dares anyone to dispute that. Almost feels like this should be a page today.
One side says you can pry my gun from my cold dead hands. And it’s unconstitutional. And every serious hunter always carries at least 20 100 round clips. The other side says it’s too easy to get guns. Too many psychos have guns. And just what in the hell do you need a 100 round clip for, anyways?
We’re getting to those answers in a sec. But first, my qualification to opine publically. Middle aged crazy. Not a Willy fan. Hard rock rules! Grew up in the mean streets (lmao) of Boulder, Colorado, in the late 60’s and 70’s. Helped create that unique culture until forcibly retired. Had a high tech job. Quaint little house. 2 shotguns, 4 rifles, and a pellet gun. And at the end of that run, a wiretap. Regroup and rebuild. We have the economy. We can keep him humble. Ha! The subsequent version 2.0 comes complete with child, dysfunctional ex-wife, and steady job. Note, not career.
With that out of the way, IMHO, the real answer on guns, let the people vote on a national referendum. Two questions only. Limit the maximum # of bullets in a magazine. And how far do we go for background checks?
Really guys, I figure I can carry, fully strapped, 60 magazines. 1800 rounds. I will be dead before I run out of bullets. You think that gives the military an advantage? Hells bells, boy. There will always be more citizens than military. And soldiers are supposed to be trained to think. ie. 4 year old shoots dad. Military has the weapons. Always has, always will. The citizenry has strength in numbers. Hence the “well armed militia” phrase that gets so poorly bandied about. If you already got the 1000 round Ronco Death in a Can, keep it. Just don’t be stupid. Fully automatic guns do not have a real place in modern society. They are weapons of destruction. And if used correctly, mass destruction. The only reason to have a fully automatic weapon is to hunt humans. A semi-auto M-1 suffices for anything else. Really. If you hunt for survival, you agree. 10 rounds in a buck messes up the meat. So kwitcherbitchin and accept that you will have more, smaller clips if thats your thing. If you drop it by the second shot, you’re no hunter. Last time out shooting skeet with good friend. 48/50 is a pretty good score. Actually 48.5. Knicked it. In reality, mag limits pass, and automatics stay, with limits.
One of those limits is passing a background check. Make sure you are American. No mental problems. And no security flags. Just like the big boys. What in the hell is so wrong with that. It’s not like some Klansman sold AR-15’s to terrorists. Uhhh. Well. Anyways. This convicted class five felon, non violent offender, has had his rights taken away and restored, thinks this is a good idea. Keep american guns for good Americans. And maybe not so good ones too. Just hope they love our Tough Country.


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