Is Less Privacy Too Tough?


Such startling developments in the world of the internet. It seems our Federal Law Enforcement officials have been trying to play connect the dots with our phone and email records. And boy, are some people furious about it. The Tough Guy thinks the requests are a little above and beyond what is necessary, buy understands the need to keep terrorism to a minimum.
The Tough Guy doesn’t want anyone listening to his phone calls ( and we have been assured that they do not listen to the calls, just get the #’s and times of the calls.), the sweet talky voice would make one ill. “Yea, but come on baby.” And any other conversation should be private. And emails? No! That’s addresses and contents. And anybody with an e-friend in another country is suspect. You don’t get one without the other. That, in The Tough Guys humble opinion, should be as sacrosanct as the U.S. mail. NO LOOKIE! There are at least 20 other ways to investigate people. And the feds use each and every one already. At least the USPS is still quasi-private. Although, they can tell when currency and drugs are being shipped. Old tech is the best tech. Really, how many people use marine band radio anymore? Or Shortwave 2? So this is not like they can’t get the job done without this. It just makes it easier. And a lot faster.
We all make our routine calls to our circle of friends and associates. That has the same tendencies as a terrorist cell. Who’s to say you aren’t a bunch of terrorists? Or heaven forbid, a member of the Independent Party! As it is, the feds do pretty much what they want anyways. Getting a wiretap order is no big thing. And maybe if the feds ever learn how to use a combined keywords search then they can flag certain emails instead of asking for records from Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and Android. They asked for over 6000 email accounts to be scrutinized. You know they are grabbing for all the gusto because the free searches are closing down. Linux, Gnu, and Ubuntu are looking better everyday.
You know, it boils down to this. We as a country want security. But want our privacy as well. A compromise has been struck. And in another 4 1/2 years we will either renew this or not. As far as The Tough Guys records go, have at it boys. All you will connect is a bunch of old, drunk and/or stoned, hippies figuring out their next summit. Man, 14,000′ peaks rule! Hey fed guys! Don’t forget to snap a pic of me on top of Harvard peak next month. Here’s The Tough Guys view. Where’s yours?


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