Tough When It Stinks!


Hey! How’s it going? Is the economy doing right by you? Are you economically better off today than you were a year ago? Yea, I thought so. The economy kind of stinks lately.
Yeah, it’s The Tough Guy again. . Mouthing off about any and everything that strikes his fancy. Like commodities and women today. They both have monetary effects. Lately both are costing more than usual. What new, eh? Looks like gas is going up, again. Always in the summer. Big oil’s got us by the short and curlies. Ladies, you have those too. You know The Tough Guy was going to say by the balls, but that’s sexist. Even though the price of gold is below $1400, it’s still over $1300. Silver is relatively cheap, still. In comparison to the average ratio of the price of silver to gold is very low. But I digress.
Did you notice the price of beef lately? Or any meat for that matter. Produce prices are a little higher than last year.
Milk, too. Up 8 cents a gallon from last year. When on sale it’s still at 2 bucks. And snacks! OMG! Sale prices have risen 25%! 2 for 5. Used to be 2 for 4. And 3 for 5.
Now maybe it’s because of more first dates. Drinks and conversation. Those tend to be more cityfied than a full moon midnight caving hike in the foothills. Now that’s a date! That one is requested after a year or so. Hey! The price of booze is pretty stable. A ray of light!!! Cheap wine is still…. cheap wine!
Actually, the good stuff is starting a pricey run up. I think the best time to buy wine for profit has passed. But now is a good time still.
Hey, if anyone is interested, The Tough Guy has that gas mask pictured above. WWII issued with carrying bag. Still works great. Good for mustard gas. Was owned by a Tough Uncle. RIP. it really does help keep out the stink.


One thought on “Tough When It Stinks!

  1. You know who

    You write like a liberal, closet republican. it’s ok.
    it’s administration’s like this that do it to us all.


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