Tough Taper


I said taper, not tapeworm, dammit!

All the talking and whispering about the Federal Reserve winding down it’s $85B has now become the deafening roar. Uncle Ben was magnificent in his ambiguity. Basically saying the fed will adjust up OR down depending on the situation. Man, the cats, they was like, freaking. Look people, The Tough Guy is not a hopium dealer, nor Roubiniesque in the belief that all will come crumbling down if left to it’s own financing.
Face it people! There’s a war going on out there. It’s not being fought with guns. It’s fought with money. Lots of it. And stupidity. Lots of it. And arrogance. Lots of it! But especially the money.
Every day the bulls and bears fight it out over sentiment, earnings and value. Well, ol Ben opened his mouth this time, and the markets dropped over 5% in 2 days. What did he do, take Obama pills? Sentiment went to that “if left on their own all stocks will perish” level. Sound the oouga horn! Dive, dive!
You sackless bunch of greed mongers. Rlght wing vs. left. We got it and damn if you will get any. And we’re gonna make sure you don’t make money in the market, either. We short everything! The only way to make money is to be friends with a venture capital CEO. And they are particular about their marks, oops, friends. Actually, the only real way to make money is to start your own business. And not depend on anyone else. Just do something you love to do.
But you have to remember, now loan rates are just starting to rise, lending requirements are starting to get tougher, and the economy has not picked up yet. The harder it is to get a loan, the more business will likely fail. This will not help our economy. More than likely this is going to hurt more than we currently think. Middle class pays for it yet again. This taper is going to be Tough as a Tapeworm.


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