Tough Armed Bear

It’s Tough celebrating the 4th with so many rights being violated and still no world peace. Clamoring over magazine size and background checks. It seems to be okay to arm bears. But not to bear arms. Ok, just to even the tan line. No farmer tan here.
To The Tough Guy, although our country has many problems, the biggest crisis for the world is the so-called “Muslim Uprising” in the Middle East and North Africa. For what it’s worth, here’s a Tough Twocents Worth. This is an event of major consequence to the world due to it’s extreme violence. Not the fact that millions of dollars and dinars and rupees are exchanged every day to the benefit of terrorists groups like Al-queda, or assasinations occur on a daily basis. They are going for the head. The latest casualty being Egypt. Bye-Bye Morsi. Hello Who the Fuck Are You? Overheard to an interview that democracy is not for the muslims. They just don’t get it. Actually they do get it. Kinda like the old West. The biggest, Toughest, most well armed group will win. Right now I put my money on the Egyptian military machine. With a side bet on Israeli military to show. We all are watching a major change in the Middle East. Countries like Pakistan get it. They are affecting modern change into an antiquated and unequal system.
And that takes time. Take a look at Vietnam if you need proof. They are still in the technologically formative years and the good old USA has been propping up their businesses for how many decades? There is a return on investment here so this is not a bad thing. Just pointing out that change occurs gradually and over time.
And the two cent on this is that with over five groups vyiing for power, two thirds of the people are going to oppressed, disappointed, and pissed off. Nobody wants to wait their turn. They are “mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore!” Understandable. One can only take so much abuse.
The social unrest is not going to stop. Not for quite a while. There will sadly be more suicide bombings, ( hello NSA) and random attacks around the world until the racial hatred is gone or eliminated. That is a Very Tall Tough Order.


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