Too Tough To Relax


There has been some discussion about stress and cancer on the threads lately and it’s once again time for the Tough Two Cents worth. Whether you agree or disagree with The Tough Guy, his knowledge has mainly been gained from the hard way of doing things.
With nobody around to guide him through his Tough Early Adulthood, the choices made were usually the ones that caused as many problems as it solved. That created inordinate amounts of stress back then. The effects are sometimes still felt today.
Stress is defined as (one of a few accepted definitions) “a force that tends to deform a body”. Wow! Great definition. Really. Sums up a lot in 8 words. Stress, mental stress or physical stress, affects everybody in different ways. Too much mental stress is first rewarded by drugs that are supposed to help, but instead make you dependent upon them. Thus creating more stress. Especially if you try to quit the drugs.
The stress can be caused by many different things. Work, (or in my case) women, money, (or lack thereof especially), health, fear, inability to sleep,personal performance, and many more are big culprits. Mentally, stress is a main cause of addiction and angry outbursts. And crying. ( she had to remind me. Lol). Sometimes, The Tough Guy wishes his Tough Daddy had told him that it is okay to cry. Get it all out. Instead, it was ” men don’t cry” and “don’t be a wimp.” Couldn’t cry at funerals. Still can’t cause that Tough Asshole told me so. It’s all good. Couldn’t shed a tear for him either. Instead, The Tough Guy punched out a support beam. Really Dumb. (I told you the hard way). But the stress is there, lying in wait for it’s next chance. All that did was fuck up the hand for a month. Had to drink more at night to mask the pain All three effects of stress. And it seems normal.
But normal is many things to many people. I do not stutter. But severe stress can make one stammer and stutter like a 45 IQ, 30 year old. And stress can cause body organs to shut down or at the least, work incorrectly.
No erection? Can’t crap? Back hurts? Throat hurt? Eyes hurt? All affected by stress. Can’t sleep? Probably due to stress. And the best counter to stress is sleep. Good REM sleep. At least 4 hours if you are like The Tough Guy. Old as dirt. People consider these ailments to be normal. Guessing stress is older than dirt.
Physical stress fits the definition perfectly. Deformed body due to stress. That could be a sore back, limping when walking, or even hunched over walking. Like a really old lady. Stress, caused by gravity, eventually gets us all. It’s an irristable force that never lets up. Eventually, gravity always wins.
Overcoming stress. Can this actually be done? Yes it can. But it is usually a life changing event that reduces stress like that. Y’all know what I mean here. Divorce, accident, job termination, operation, and vacation. All of these situations can ( but usually dont) reduce stress. The outcome is usually what you wanted but were toostressed to act on it.
The holistic approach to stress, IMHO, is the best way to deal with and eliminate stress. And it’s not a big thing. The key is…………….. BREATHE!
The one trick I have learned is to listen to your heartbeat when stressed. It is hard to hear your own heart when you are relaxed. Even harder when stressed. Stop reading and listen to your heartbeat. Bet it took a minute to do. When you even out your breathing and listen for your heart, it means you have settled down and are starting to relax. That is a real good start. Try to do that everyday. By the way, that is one of those hippie yoga tricks that old folks seem to dislike. Oh well. Their loss. Hoping it’s not your loss as well.


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