A Tough Termination

So Sen. Ted Cruz wants to abolish the IRS. The Tough Guy understands and even can sympathize with his feelings, but for much different reasons. It seems that ol’ Teddy is offended and upset that the IRS was actually doing it’s job when they were investigating ” non profit ” political groups that were wanting tax free status. It’s already been proven that this was not a political action perpetrated by our President and his minions. (WTF! Dispicable POTUS?) This is not a cartoon movie. And the IRS investigates everyone. Teddy best be careful. He’s gonna get audited. And I will laugh when they find his hidden assets and tax and penalize him.
This is another shining example of an elected fucktard that does not understand how our government works. And he is a part of it. He is also a shining example of why congress does not work.
It looks like the schedule of the day, EVERYDAY, in the House of Representatives and Senate is to take care of personal business. Not government business. The number one item on the republicans calendar is to stop Obama from accomplishing anything and to make him look bad. And they accomplish this by lying to the public, omitting fact, creating new “facts” (that never are confirmed), spreading unfounded rumors, and embellishing their truth in a way that makes the Democratic party look bad. Now The Tough Guy is not the most ardent supporter of the prez. He plays the old sleight of hand game when signing objectionable bills into law. He waits for everybody to look at a big distraction, and he quietly slips a new bill into law. Like we wont notice or care. Know why they call it a bill? Somebody’s got to pay to get it enacted. Usually, we, the people pay. In blood,sweat,and tears. But sometimes a company pays the bill and reaps, or is that rapes, the benefits. Usually to the tune of billions of dollars. Look at the Keystone pipeline. Get it?
Now the IRS is a hated institution. But without taxes, this country’s population would be about half of it’s current number. Death by plague. You think roads are bad now? How about death by starvation? It still happens in our country daily. That toll would have skyrocketed in the last five years if not for OUR taxes, yes, yours and mine, going to feed the lees fortunate. So, unfortunately the IRS, although IMHO is outdated. But necessary. How about a national sales tax on everythin. And a luxury tax on expensive items? And a wealth tax on earnings? And more taxes on everything? Yea, right. If it actually is a fair system, the politicians will fuck it up. They always do. Just look at all 7000 pages of the tax code. 7000 pages of changes to aid the wealthy. And now they want abolish the IRS because they investigated groups with the words tea party, and gop in them. But it was ok to do that type of thing when Dubya was in office.
Yes, it is time to reform our tax system. Not just the code. But Senator Teddy is wrong. Dead wrong. A flat tax hurts the lower income families more. The more you earn, the less a flat tax hurts. When you make $500K a year, and you pay, say a 15% tax, I think you can get by on $425k. But when you make $20K you are barely surving anyways. And 15% of that to taxes does hurt. But then again, Ted got his already, so the rest of you can just fuck off. Ted’s done. And so am I. Thanks for reading.


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