Not Tough, Wal-Mart


Let’s talk about a corporation’s responsibility to the public instead of it’s shareholders for a change. Don’t even need to get into the fact that an enhanced corporate image means increased revenue. Every company, whether private or public, has a responsibility to, at the least do no harm, and the most to promote the well being of the entire world. Do you hear that Bill Gates? You have more money than god. And thanks for all you do, which is actually a lot!
Wal-Mart had been planning on opening up 3 stores in the DC area. And more in surrounding areas. That would, in actuality, be 3 stores, a distribution center, fuel distribution center, and more. At least 1000 long term jobs. And more construction jobs. But one big problem for a company that makes over $17 BILLION in profits per annum. DC enacted a living wage law that was higher than Wal-Mart was willing to pay. Wal-Mart will not pay it’s employees a living wage. Profit above all. No more DC. Get outta town!
This is the normal behavior pattern for Wal-Mart. They do the same thing with unions. When Wal-Mart is forced to pay a higher wage they close the store down. Then a few years later, open a new store a few blocks from the old, closed store. You would think with the enactment of the Affordable Care Act they would look a lot closer at the advantages of a unionized labor force. The Tough Guy guantees you there will be a Target store there really soon. And a Kroger. And maybe a Whole Foods Market. Lol
The Tough Guy would loved to have heard that Wal-Mart board meeting. “Not enough profits that’s a no.”. It seems that every member of the board has forgotten what being part of a community is all about? There are store managers who know. But no board members. Otherwise DC would be $WMT territory. But just like ever since Sam Walton’s death, the board just seems to shoot off one toe after another. Kinda funny, but are they really that assholish? Sadly, yes they are. Not like daddy/grandpa at all.
I really think Wal-Mart should adopt the no news is good news attitude. Much less embarassing when you screw up as much as they do. When they weasle out of a commitment to a community, that’s bad press. So sayeth The Tough Guy.
Personal disclosure. Seeing as The Tough Guy was once a Sams Club Guy, last century, and will never,EVER be one again. Thanks Frank Azar! Nuff said. “I was nice. Maybe too nice.”


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