Toughing It Out, Old Tech

Hey campers, happy or otherwise! I’m back after an incredible vacation that also put my main mode of communication, an Apple i4 phone, out of service, again.
What I learned is that the iphone 4 is a fragile piece of crap. I love the way it works, seeing as I have been an Apple fan since the pre-Mac days. Back in the day, most schools in Boulder were Mac friendly and I learned Apple basic after learning, dig this, IBM basic, Fortran, and Fortran 4. The i4 is designed to break. Any fall to a hard surface of over 2 feet usually breaks the “gorilla” glass. The 3g and gs are a much better design.
So me being the Tough Cheapass that I am looked for good deals and found a place in Littleton called Alternative Cellular. Jennifer, the owner, took care of my sons phone (same problem as mine) and mine in about 2 hours. ($70 for the front glass). This is a locally owned and independent company. And they are GREAT. Thanks Jennifer! You rock!
My problem was the old phone was not updated for ios 6. Therefore I could not get to WP with it. Now the problem is solved and I am glad to be back. So much to blog, and halfheimers disease is always something to be dealt with. I could call it Alzheimers but not there yet. Lol. Y’all have a great rest of the week. I’ll be back.


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