Learned About PC The Tough Way

Being The Tough Guy means usually saying fuck it to political correctness more often than not. And usually at the dumbest, most inappropriate times. This has caused some consternation with friends at times. But to know The Tough Guy is to love him.
Back in the yonder years, just after the age of aquarius, (wow, that old, eh?), The Tough Guy attended a hiking buddies wedding rehersal. The bridesmaids all in their matching blue bridal dresses. Great food, great time, until called upon to give a toast. The toast given went like this:
Here’s to the girl in the little blue shoes. She loves her whiskey, she loves her booze. She lost her cherry, but thats no sin. She still has the box the cherry came in!
Needless to say that this had about a 70/30 negative split on the pc scale. The guys laughed, but her mom was practicing containing a small tactical nuke in her brain. A few grey haired heads were slowly shaking. The girls looked at each other and smiled, secretly knowing the truth of it all. The end result of all this was being banned from the wedding by her folks because their request for an apology was countered with a hearty “fuck you!” Their loss was no snow on their honeymoon.
As it is, the friendship stayed strong, despite the marriage, for many years, till children and distance and time slow down the communications. Mom is still
pissed to this day.
And a cool tunes of the times was “One Less Bell to Answer” by the 5th Dimension. Y’all have a non-PC weekend now. Y’hear?


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