Tough Times for Druggies


When living in a state that has decriminalized marijuana on the recreational scale, but decided that better background checks for gun purchases are a needless waste of time, the only question The Tough Guy needs to ask is… What the hell have y’all been smoking? Really! It can’t be pot or you wouldn’t give a shit.
So all the local sheriffs are going to look the other way when guns are sold and look the other way when pot is sold. October 1, baby!! That’s the day! That is the day the mmj dispensaries can sell pot recreationally. Can’t wait for a related news story to come out. Angry pot smoker with AK-47 says fuck it and smokes another bowl. This state is just like that pot smoker. The legislature just doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything unless it benefits them monetarily. Just like the U.S. congress. Surfuckinprise!!
Looks like the sheriffs are just lazy. Unable to figure out how to use the net to speed up things, they just mosey along like a backwoods Barney Fife. If The Tough Guy is over 50 and can figure this shit out, then every sherrif should figure this out too. If an old broken down druggie can figure this out and the sheriffs can’t then there is a terrifying technology gap that those over 40 or so are going to get truly fucked over for. C’mon people! For Gods sake, it’s 2013 and the computer had been of age for 30 years now. Get with the program. Become computer literate ( what I call socially illiterate), and learn how to use what intelligence has provided.
The Tough Guy is worried about the future of this great state. So much potential with shale fracking, (a subject that is touchy round these parts), and also other energy related plays. Just do not want to see Colorado as the wild, wild, west state it could be.
So people, keep those guns holstered unless the “make my day” law is applicable. In the meantimes, find a type of mmj that helps you , settle down, and smoke some. Who knows, it might make you seem less of an asshole where gun laws are concerned.
Far out, man!!
FYI. To all who give a shit here. The Tough Guy is in total support of the RIGHT to own guns as he is a gun enthusiast and marksman as well. But there truly is a limit on how insane one’s personal arsenal should get.
And the same point applies to pot as well. Phrased differently, there is a time and place for everything. Choose them well and wisely.


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