20th Century Tough


Just like the old bull of the woods, The Tough Guy has seen many Tough Times and had his share of close calls. This blog is serving as a warning to all the young Tough Guys out there to NOT try to do this. It was an act of stupidity. Probably an unknowing cry for help. But damn if it wasn’t one of those times you never forget. The best of times.
Halloween weekend, 1980. Boulder, Colorado.Back in those days, The Tough Guy was everyone’s friend. Being local, and being Boulder, that meant drugs. Lots of ’em. Coke, pot, mushrooms, benzedrine, effedrine, quaaludes,(maybe the only drug The Tough Guy misses), peyote, opium and opiated hash, heroine,(the only thing listed here never tried), valium, codones, diludid, and so much more.
That Halloween we decided to get ultra crispy on “Captain Stevie’s 7 secret seasonings. There were 7 or 8 of us partaking in this debauchery. But only 3 brave enough to be “Ultra”! The mix was LSD, pot(and hash), a lot of beer, and cocaine. Followed by more beer, pot and coke. Now we got a buzz going. And we were just getting started. When the acid first kicked in it was still early in the evening. About 7-7:30. Now the acid was pretty good, around 250-300mcg hits and the other drugs were masking some effects. So it was time for more. It was time for more coke, and mushrooms. And of course, more pot. And beer! Oh, and a christmas tree. That’s a green and clear capsule with dexedrine and benzedrine. It’s called a biamphetamine. Good speed! Prescription.
So then my buddy Dave drives us to another party. More pot and beer. And coke. So much coke that night. The Tough Guy was king! The party turned into a fight so we went back to the original party.
Then we got serious. Mooooorrrrre! The mushrooms were making everyone relax and smile. Coke got them talkative. Acid made us bond through fear and weirdness. Beer took off the edge. And then VOILA!! Methylquaalone! Everbody do a ‘lude. It’s like drinking 3 shots and smoking a bowl or two. But it makes women very horny! ;-P Now it’s remembered why it is sooo missed by so many who remember them. And mushrooms, and pot and coke and beer.
Now that’s the 7 drugs to party with, but it is recommended that unless you have a death wish, or are seriously brain impaired, don’t mix n match. For some reason known only to Tougher Powers, The Tough Guy is still here, spewing his equal opportunity bigotry, lol, and whatever the personal point of view happens to be. But back to the party!! So we get back to the original party. My trip is now in full swing. I’m talking about visual trails, melting walls, varying depth perception and the everpresent feeling of weirdness. (Best part of a good trip to The Tough Guy was the “afterhigh” that could last for a day). Across the kitchen from me, also sitting on the floor is Gina. Very fucked up. Laughing out of control. She is cute. Dressed as a belly dancer. Now wearing an old man mask that makes her look like grandpa from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But it was too freaky, too bizaar to handle. Calm down with tequila and beer. Smoke a bong. Too heavy. More coke. And so on till 3AM. This is one of the very few, very rare nights when The Tough Guy did not drive his own vehicle. Having consumed 3 hits of acid by 7:30, and the 3 more after midnight, by 3 it was time to let the buzz wind down. Go eat. Do an 11 person dine and dash at Dennys. Watch the most beautiful sunrise ever from atop Bear Peak. Go home and write 2 songs. Fix the amplifier that been hard to diagnose. Clean the house. Detail clean. Go for a run.
The day after that. Call in sick. Trip.
The start of a long downhill trend. It took years. But drugs won. I quit. For 5 years The Tough Guy was a teetotaler. No high at all. Not even prescription. My vices became caffeine, and nicotine, and aspirin. Only!! Then, the now, ex-wife, insisted on wine with dinner. For me. It was 10 years until the first joint. And this is the rub, folks. I am not a chronic or frequent drinker, or toker. More cigarettes than anything else. Quitting smoking is harder than quitting cocaine. Believe me. Am there. And The Tough Guy advocates using medicine as it is meant to be used. Not to party with. But if you wanna party… do it right. And just like Paul Simon, Still crazy after all these years. I mean who else thinks up dipping strawberries in chocolate shell, scooping out the insides and filling them up with strawberry margarita jello shots. Then play checkers with em. Drink what you jump!


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