A Tough Diet

The food that we eat is becoming deadly. Yes, I said deadly. Everything from diet sodas to that amazing sirloin steak from the grocery store can kill you anymore. Not immediately. Not tomorrow. But cumulative effects of what I call designer foods can kill you in months. Literally.
So this is my kneejerk reaction to the poisioning of the poor. And my reasoning that this is a plot of some type to eliminate 20+% of the worlds population. Ever hear of the Bilderburg group? It’s a group of the worlds wealthiest businesspeople dedicated to controlling the worlds food and water. Amongst this group of haters, oops, enterpreneurs, is Nestle corp. Their stated goal is to control ALL the worlds potable water. And sell it for profit. And another company in this group is Monsanto. They are the good folks who genetically alter seeds and create edible chemicals. And also kill us with their products. More on Monsanto later. Oh, so much more on Monsanto. And we cannot forget about good old Con Agra. They got some killer beef. Literally! All these companies have been or are being sued for deaths related to ingesting their products. Nestle for some tainted water and also for refusing to give water to dying Africans in drought striken areas. Monsanto is being sued for not being able to contain their genetically modified seeds and cross contaminating many other plants that were in nearby fields. This is the only thing that can be done to Monsanto anymore. Obama signed a piece of legislation that protects Monsanto from lawsuits. They now have carte blanche to create whatever they want with immunity from prosecution. So sucralose, aka nutrasweet, which when ingested in quantity causes a variety of ailments including, but not limited to, lupus, cancer, and many are thinking celiacs disease, and many other ailments. All that from sugar substitute. And Con Agra has shipped a lot of bad beef and pork lately. They have a poor record when it comes to safety and cleanliness. And they don’t care. Pay the fine after negotiating to a pittance and continuing to repeat the process all over again.
Folks, all of these health problems result from the fact that every publicly traded company must put making money as it’s number one priority. The shareholders have spoken. Diet food might make you skinny eventually, but that skinny waist hides a big tumor because you ingested enough artificial sweetener in one year to kill 10 million mice. Contaminated meat? Yea, that’s a quick, really nasty bug that if not deadly can put you on the shelf for a week. GMO wheat, soy, and corn is everywhere anymore. And pollination is spreading this shit. Ever wonder why the bees are dying? Could it be related to GMO plants. It’s not hard to want to jump to a bad conclusion here. But the truth of the matter is that Monsanto makes things that are not good for our environment or ourselves. I truly cannot believe that a company would and could release a product that was not fully tested for human and environmental consequence. Germ resistance and chemically resistant seeds have altered Mother Nature for the worse. Bees are dying, animals get sick and nobody seems to be wise to it.
Wake up, world! The most basic of rights are quietly going away. Like the right to water, and healthy food. Oh, I hear you. It’s here. We pay for it. Either a buck a quart, or a penny for a hundred gallons. Thanks Nestle. Tell that to the starving kids in Angola who don’t even have a penny. Now the certified organic produce and meat are available for a price as well. And even some of those are suspect now. I read where there is a genetically altered Salmon grown in laboratories. If they are ever released in the wild they will take over the entire genus of fish within 7 years. That, friends is scary to me. I love Salmon. Especially Kokanee Salmon. The pinker the meat the better. Applewood smoke it. OMFG it is fantastic. Organically grown GMO grains fed to organically grown and genetically altered animals. Right!
What happens if say we ingest a lot of pesticide resistant grain? The same kind our meat ate before slaughter. And ate it for weeks. Do we become drought resistant as well? The scientists say no. But that may not be accurate. More study needed for this. And it will probably be very sad. Genetic mutations do create a consequence.
The world is changing. Hopefully for the better. Until the change is complete, watch what you eat. My suggestion is to vary your diet. Buy foods from South America. And Asia, and Europe. Try all sorts of things. Do not eat the same thing every day. Get a water filter if you don’t like your tap water. (Being in Colorado, the water here is great.) buy local grown food. Ask the farmer about his crops. And fuck the diet poison out there. If you are on a diet and thirsty, drink water. Not sucralose! And really look at what is in your food. Diet or otherwise. It’s not too late to educate yourself. Learn about what you are eating. And don’t be afraid of what you learn.



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