More About Tough Diets

Just a quickie from The Tough Guy today. And that is unusual. The Tough Guy isn’t known for quickies. If you want to stay healthy in todays world, then educate yourself on all the crap that you eat. It might turn out to be more of an education than you thought.
The Tough Diet isn’treally a diet at all. More like applying common sense to everyday eating. Cooking for one isn’t easy on a budget. It usually ends up being dinner for four, half get frozen, and the rest eaten up in a couple days. It really sucks to have the same food for four days. Variety is the key to healthy living. That and moderation. But really watch what you eat. That bag of salad mix? Did you know it’s rinsed in a lightly bleached water for your protection? Rinse that shit off first. And that top end beef that is vacuum packed using carbon monoxide as the anti browning agent. (Actually not so bad but WTF?) There are grocery stores like Safeways that use colored lights in their produce dept. to make their food look better. Buyer Beware!
What is being conveyed here is to change your diet. Not radically. If you love meat n taters everyday then good. But change it up. Steak salad with a baked potato instead of grilled sirloin and fries. Get it? Add greens and fruit in your meal. Have an apple, or avacado. Try some lychees with the linguini. Steamed asparagus with lemon and dill. Forget the cheese. Eat the higher caloric foods before you go to work. Afterwards, eat different lower calorie combinations. And watch the calories from drinking.
There is a plethora of great tasting, healthy food to eat. Experiment. Create. Enjoy. The worlds pleasures are yours for the eating. Check it out!


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