It Must Be Tough To Hear Truth


We all have a friend whose opinions, whether or not are factual and correct, are the only opinions the world should have. That his/her moral and ethical values are better and more important than anyone else’s. When logical and viable alternatives exists, notice I did not say better alternative, it is summarily dismissed. And if your logic is better than theirs, they run away with fingers in their ears shouting ” la laa, la laa, I can’t hear you.” You know the type.
Our current political climate seems to have bled out all over this great country of ours. The republicans hate the democrats, and are pretty peeved at the Teapublicans. The democrats are peeved at the republicans and hate the tea party. The tea party hates everyone who thinks and are peeved at the libertarians. The libertarians just hate the government, doesn’t matter who is running the show, and are peeved at the general public for being generally apathetic. That sums up a good portion of the political climate today.
This would be a good place to end, but NOOOOO! The Tough Guy must pontificate on this. Old stereotypes die a long, slow, agonizing death. When the last of the “old guard”, that last person who still holds onto a myth, lie, or attitude , towards people or situations that has been proven wrong. Then the stereotype is in essence, gone.
We have a lot of old guard, good ol boys, in office still. And they are surgically replaced with a younger, usually clone-brained, good new boys who have been instructed in the old ways. The old ways being to first serve yourself, then your country. And that is the biggest problem in our government.
The legislature, and in some cases the judicial dept., are bought and paid for big big business. Look at Mitch McConnell. What a pathetic asshole he had turned into. But to him, he hasn’t done anything wrong. To me, a congressperson who refuses to vote should be recalled. At the least, censured for his actions or lack thereof. Heaven forbid there should ever be a clause to withold pay from congress. It might be the only thing that can unite congress. That, and authorizing pay raises. Basically, congress is being perceived as petty as of late. Oh my god! A black president! Gay congressmen! Stop the government before it gets worse! If only Hillary was a lesbian. That would clinch my vote for sure. Lol. Oh, and the poor people are rebelling. Oh well. To bad, so sad. So all this leads to the attitudes of hate. Ones like “I could never follow a black man” or “poor people are unmotivated” or “rich people got that way by ripping off the poor”. All hate rhetoric. If rich and poor people could only trade realities for a couple of days. They might be able compromise and maybe even get along with each other. But then again, Tough Truth is usually a very hard sell.


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