Tough Rewind

9/11/2001. Twelve years. The Tough Guy just stopped watching MSNBC about 45 mintutes ago.11:00 EST Haven’t watched the towers collapse for about 8 years. Cannot help but get all choked up. And I swear you see the faces of the dead in the smoke billowing away. Now there are rumors that terrorists are celebrating the anniversary. Probably true. Like they’ve been doing for 11 years. Their attitude is all ” Fuck em. Fuck em all!” It’s easy to hate. Hate breeds more hate. Leave those ignorant bastards in their own shithole. Wouldn’t we love to see an “accident” in Syria and the palace get gassed? Since we have all this oil and gas reserves now, just cut off all aid. Let Russia do some work. Do you really think it will hurt the price of gas? Hell no! What are we as a country afraid of? That Russia might get a “Good Guy” status? The world is getting smaller. We gotta learn to share responsibility with the world.
We all need to never forget, but always vigilant. If you can, forgive. Otherwise, tolerate. That’s part of growing up.


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