A Tough Decision Long Ago


My home. My choice. I, and my ex-wife, looked at a lot of neighborhoods and a lot of houses 20 years ago. Ultimately the final choice was mine. (I had the money,) I looked at Boulder, seeing as I grew up there, and from Longmont south to Castle Rock to find a community I wanted to live in. A relatively safe and stable community of folks with similar values. A place I could raise my son with, hopefully, positive morals and support. The end choices were to stay in Louisville and pay about $100k more, or move to Roxborough Village. So I had a custom home built in Roxborough. It took a year before we could move in but it was worth it.
This was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. Great neighbors made the decision to move. Even though many neighbors have come and gone, this is still my neighborhood. (Even with my 10′ ladder “missing”.) And I do love it. My ex was not from Colorado, so moving away from all my close friends in Boulder county was the biggest drawback. In a way, it was the perfect therapy for me. Get away from those who use and live life as a straight arrow. Become part of the community and school. Try to serve and payback some seriously bad karma that I had collected. School volunteering and Boy Scouts were my pastimes for almost a decade. Now my son is grown, going to college,(and doing quite well), and I am looking at another life change. I thought this was going to happen a few years ago but I wasn’t quite ready. Good thing too. It wouldn’t have worked out. More her than me. Another story, not for here.
This little neighborhood I am in is amazing. Up the hill is the world renown golf course, Arrowhead. And the $.5M and up houses. Some powerful and influential neighbors up there. In the Village is the most diverse mix of nice people. Just not enough single women for a batchelor like me. Lol Photographers, welders, scientists, writers, loan processors, police, grocery managers. And everything inbetween. There were many open lots left when I moved here. To my dismay they added 4 more subdivisions over time. But that is life. You know, as neighbors we don’t see each other a lot, but in time of crisis, we are there for each other. I am proud to live here.
Today, the 6th day in a row of rain, is looking like it is our turn to be inundated by rain and rising creek levels. 20 and 50 miles North of here is pretty much flood plain today. If the rain intensifies, the S Platte out of Waterton canyon will flood today. And Plum creek, usually a dry gully, will flood and this town will be isolated. The only fear I have had for 20 years. It seems today is the day. God, do your worst and get it over with. And good luck to all my neighbors and friends. If ya need a hand today, call me.
As for me, it’s my day off. So it will be a wasted day at home with rum, tequila, (yea!), beer and wine. It should be 4:20 soon. At least the laundry is done. But I ate all the pizza already.
This is only the 2nd first person post I have done. Because this is all to real to me. My kid is in Boulder and is ok. He is working there. I just hope he can get here tonight if he needs to.


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