Valuing Money Over Lives

A quick update. Wanna know what’s wrong with corporate America? When a market manager for a fortune 500 corporation, ie. YUM brands, ie Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, decides that a little more sales is worth endangering employees lives. The Son of The Tough Guy, is a shift manager at the Taco Bell in Boulder, Colorado. Yes, the Boulder that has been and still is getting flooded. It seems that this corporate douchnozzle, the name is as appropriate as it implies, thinks that keeping stores open during a flood is good for business. NOT!! At least the store manager realizes the inherent danger. T. Bell closed before noon. Awww, gonna lose maybe $2000 in sales. Not worth the cost of staying open till 2am. Good business move Tonja. Really. It’s better to have employees respect you for your concern about them than lose them all because all you care about is the bottom line. As far as the market manager goes, he hasn’t even heard the start of this yet. Corporate will become aware of his carelessness with employee lives. A man with his reasoning skills should be digging ditches, not managing hundreds of store managers. His attitude is dangerous and indicative of the “anything for a buck” mentality we see in the wealthiest 1%. No concern for employees well being will come back to haunt this man. The Tough Guy wonders how management would feel if an employee died from his decisions.
The moral here is simple. People first. Profits second. Too bad they don’t teach these kind of ethics anymore.


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