Tough Tweeting


The Tough Guy was asked why he likes Twitter so much. The answer was pretty damn obvious. All the sexual innuendos. A little history is needed here. Now kids, this is a big of a fad as CB radios were in the 1970’s. Back then, if you had a CB it was instaparty time. Bored? Get on ch 18 and ask “where’s the party?”. You know you can still do that today. Ask any trucker and he will tell you.
With the rise in mobile phones, social media has become THE source for any and everything that has intrapersonal communication. Mobile dinner and event reservations. Mobile dating sites. Mobile event registration. Mobile everything! Hell yes! We are all on the go more than ever. And now dozens of twitter like sites are running and prrsonally, The Tough Guy just doesn’t have time to hit 6 or 7 sites and post whatever.
Twitter is quick, easy, and extremely diverse. You have professionals from all walks of life on twitter. The Tough Guy follows a lot of stock traders and reads a lot of businesses tweets. All these folks tweet real time news of their moves and observations. To learn how day traders think and act helps in learning what to trade. And the social media tweeters are amazing people as well. So positive. And helpful. But kinda clique-ish. The politicians are just as full of crap here as they are anywhere else. The music tweeters are a cool bunch as are the literati, artists, photographers, and videographers. But the group of tweeters that generates the most fun are the”favstar” tweeters. Their goal is to get the most favorites and retweets of their tweet. And some are amazing. One of those “Why dodn’t I think of that?” tweets. To express oneselves feelings in 140 characters or less is a exercise in hilarity. Between the grammer nazis, and the protocal nazis, lies some of the best pick up lines and shut downs The Tough Guy has ever heard. And you do meet some really nice people. And some real dickheads as well. But it’s fun. And it’s in real time if you can ever catch up on the feed. So it is twitter for me. Because there is always a way so say what you mean in 140 characters or less. Sometimes it is a little Tough to condense.


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