Tough Weight Loss


After a Tough Divorce, The Tough Guy, (8 years ago), needed to lose weight. 215 lbs and barely 6′ was not a good proportional fit. The ex was a very good cook. Pasta and pierogies were frequent meals. And working nights tended to burn a lot of caloric intake. But that was not enough. So The Tough Doctor recommended getting the cholesterol down and eat more fruit and veggies, along with more exercise.
The problem was really with how much was bring eaten at a meal. Not what was being eaten. And exercise? Hell, The Tough Guy stocks a freakin freezer! So more exercise was not the problem. The solution is to eat a little less and vary your diet to include all food groups. And the food groups are not fresh, fried, frozen, and takeout. It’s more like fruits, veggies, meats, starches, and dairy. Guys, and girls, look. It’s as much attitude as it is diet. You got to want it. You got to work for change. It is not given to you. You earn it.
The Tough Guy has hit his personal target weight. 178 lbs. it feels good. Still got an inch of fat on the waist. But you know what? Dimples are starting to show at the lower ab line. The stomach area is smaller. Smaller size jeans fitting proves that. But with just a little exercising a few times a week, stressing the abs, progress is being made. And it does feel good. Get used to it and enjoy it. Just keep trying. And do not quit. If this old fart, lazy,hippie, stoner, son of a bitch can do this. Anybody can, and should try to be healthier. My motivation? Thinking should stick around and wait to become a Tough Grandpa. (That aint gonna be for a little while hopefully. Got some more ya-yas to get out still. Lol)


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