Tough Shutdown

Well, here we are again. Another government shutdown looming in the next 48 hours. Why? Because, in my humble opinion, there is no respect on either side of congress for opinions differing from what is percieved to be the right opinion.
So what is the right opinion that should determine our political and social direction? It should be an opinion that helps the most people to survive, if not be able to thrive, in the change. Not one that hinders and cripples our government and it’s hourly employees. Remember that government employees are like the rest of us, but with a little better wages and benefits. Those benefits at this time include healthcare. But we are not talking about the salaried government people here. You know the ones. They make more money and take 3 month vacations. And have free healthcare, at taxpayers expense! And have a guaranteed salary for the rest of their life. And lets not forget how they got these benefits. THEY VOTED FOR THEM!! They give themselves a 5% pay increase while the rest of the country takes 0% or gives up some pay just to save their job. And now they want (even though they vehemently deny this) to shut down government because of a legally passed bill (the ACA). The games being played by this rich, entitled, bunch of crybabies is getting seriously close to becoming deadly. When somebody dies because of a government shutdown, The Tough Guy honestly hopes that some senators and representatives will be personally sued and made to be like the other 95%. Barely able to survive. I want to see how a rich person deals with no money for car repairs, then no money for food because the car was fixed so he can get to work to make money for rent, food, and clothes.
If the first payments to be stopped were the salaries of congress, this government stoppage would never happen. How about a pay for performance clause for the legislature? The first branch to suffer should be this one. This is where the buck starts, and stops.
So congress needs to reeducate themselves. They need to realize that public service is exactly what it is. A service. Legislators have lost the meaning of what they are supposed to do. That is to help their constituents. All of them. Not just the ones who donates to their reelection campaigns. Those who donate large sums of money to campaigns have no real need for congressional help. They already have the means to comfortably survive. Just look at that big donation. Could feed a family of 6 for the rest of their lives with a donation like that. Yea, we are making some progress on reforms. But not enough. And going way too slow. Like that kid who has to finish his veggies before he can leave the dinner table. Looks like the American people are in for an all nighter at the dinner table because congress refuses to eat what is good for them.
We are sick and tired of the wealthy fuck ups running our country. It’s time to vote every single one out of office and start for scratch. How could that be any worse than what we have now?


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