First Snow, Tough Drive


So Denver got it’s first official snowfall of the season, and the public panics. OMG! Snow! Gotta stock up on everything! Drive super slow. Like 25 mph in the interstate.
Really? It’s not even measurable! And it lasted a whole 3 hours. This is a tough reality check for the timid left lane drivers on the highways. The law states slower traffic keep right. So when a car comes up behind you in the left lane, you should A: tap your brakes to make him back off, B: slow down, or C: pull over to the right lane? It’s supposed to be C. But half the drivers practice A more often than not. And that is a shame. Especially when the weather is inclimate. As the attitude goes, I understand you gotta get there, but I gotta get there first.
It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist, (and believe me, rocket scientists are asshats behind the wheel!), to understand simple and common courtesy, and that is lacking on every road these days. So before the weather gets bad for driving again, remember three things.
All cars are not equal! In the winter, SUV’s tend to rule. Pickup trucks are too light in the back. Two wheel drive doesn’t have the traction, even front wheel drive sucks in snow! But not as much as rear wheel drive. And full sized, 4WD vehicles are just too heavy.
All tires are not equal. And new tires beat old tires every time. Kids. Now is the time to buy at least 2 new tires for your car. Don’t wait till Christmas. Don’t want to hear about an accident on Halloween because of bald tires. Personal preference on winter tires goes studs on a new snow tread, Blizzack treads. The rubber is made differently and it has better traction in water and snow. Snow tires and all season tires round it out.
All drivers are different. Some want to race everyone. Some are just in a hurry so fuck you. Some are in bad moods. And some are just terrible drivers. They rarely change. They are always there. Especially when you don’t want them there. And they always pull some dick move that backs up traffic. And you are there. So take a deep breath. Maybe 2 or 3. And realize that it is only a one minute of time difference. The world won’t end. You still get there. And life goes on. And most importantly, everyone lives. Now carefully pass that slow POS in the left lane!


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