Tough Congress

Congressional punishment. A term rarely used. A procedure meant to embarass congressmen and facilitate compliance and/or ethical behavior and work habits. This process has not been used this century yet. And it should. The last time was in 1998 according to wikipedia.
The types of punishments are retermined by a congressional comittee from both parties. They range from being forced to stand in front of a large group of moms who talk about potential and the wrongs done, to being expelled from congress. This all happens because congress is immune from all but capital crimes.
It seems that interfering with congressional process brings about these types of punishments most often. Things like hindering a hearing of a bill can and should be punished. And it takes only one house to refer a contemptuous person to the US attorney for prosecution. The Tough Guy hopes this applies to congressional punishment.
How about censuring the ones responsible for the shut down. The censure would be lifted if a full public accounting of wrongdoing and sincere public apologies we given. Or fining the offender works as well. Seeing as some congresspeople value money over everyhing, hit them where it hurts. And really hurt them. After all, aren’t our representatives supposed to be the best of the best. And not the most corrupt? Isn’t their first responsibility to all the PEOPLE, not just the ones who paid for the campaigns or slipped money into a pocket. How in the hell did we vote in some these people? Dumber than rocks. Slipperier than dog snot on a glass doorknob. Talking about us, the people here. OK, congress, too.
The first thing to be done here is to censure, demean, impeach and expell Sen. Mitch McConnell. He is an admitted obstructionist. And is grabbing for all the money he can before he crashes and burns. (In hell, I hope!). How many people has he intentionally hurt with his lies? How many more lives have been adversely affected unintentionally by this idiot? I would truly love to see his pension revoked. That happened to the Hostess bakers so the executives could have a multi million parachute.
C’mon legislature! Wake up! Start punishing the lazy, the unproductive, and especially the obstructionists. Make them have to work for a living. Or take their pride. And their money. You can always call them up in front of congress and pants them. It’s not sexual harassment because the precedent has been set.


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